The company THESSALIKO TRIKALON S.A., also known as DIVANIS Family Dairy is located in Thessaly which is in central Greece. It is a region where the local biodiversity and rich prairies have made breeding livestock and farming the traditional occupation of the vast majority of people for centuries.

This particular environment is what gives the milk produced in Thessaly its distinctive flavor and unique characteristics, making it rich in nutrients. The DIVANIS Family Dairy has been using this milk to produce dairy products for over a century now. With the use of modern, state of the art techniques and equipment while always respecting the traditional recipe we are able to produce high quality dairy.

The company started back in 1926 as a small cheese factory to evolve in one of the most well-known, modern dairy production establishments in Greece a century later.

In 2005 the production was moved to our brand new factory, opening the way for new, innovative products and enabling us to become one of the top 100 performing companies in Greece. 20 tons of sheep and goat milk is carefully collected by highly trained personnel in specially selected farms on a daily basis and then gets processed within just 24 hours in our plant.

We can guarantee high quality over our wide range of 100% natural dairy products due to:

  • The daily inspections of partner farms
  • Our experience and knowledge of the dairy sector
  • Continuous investment in modern technology
  • Our certifications and awards by well-respected institutions
  • Our passion and love for what we have been doing for three generations now



  • To bring out the traditional flavors of Greek cheese in a modern world.
  • To constantly have 100% customer satisfaction following the trends and needs of the consumers.


  • To expand our global presence and establish our brand name world wide.
  • To develop new, healthy, innovative products of high nutritional value.








1926. The history of Divani cheese factory starts thanks to the instinct of Athanasios Gravanis, a peddler from Samarina. Collecting fresh milk from the villages around, he establishes the first cheese factory of the family at Mavreli of Trikala.


1965. The kasseri cheese that is produced becomes known to the whole area for its special taste and it takes off. His son, but mostly his grandchildren – Christos and Alekos- develop his idea, creating an innovative cheese product plant at Agia Moni of Trikala.


2005. The only thing that has not changed through the decades is the faith in tradition. The company “Thessaliko Trikalon S.A.”, with the distinctive title “Divanis”, keeps its legendary course in its new state-of-the-art premises. With modern production lines and quality control certifications (ISO 9001:2015, FSCC 22000) it is specialized on the “50-50” semi-soft cheese (proportion of milk: 50% sheep’s and goat’s, 50% cow’s milk). Always with the same old recipe: fermentation and salting by hand, insistence on quality, six-month ripening and artistry at every stage of the production. In the last years, the production of goat and sheep and goat feta cheese and melted butter from sheep’s and goat’s milk has started.
Each product of the company has its own unique art and taste.